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2013 GB3GD and GB3IM colinear at Snaefell Mountain

2013 GB3GD and GB3IM colinear at Snaefell Mountain

The Isle of Man Repeater Suport Group offers whatever assistance is necessary to maintain the islands unique internet linked 70cm repeater GB3IM, and our 2m repeater GB3GD.

David Osborn GD4HOZ "The wizard of Hoz"

David Osborn GD4HOZ
“The wizard of Hoz”

Both repeaters are owned and maintained by David Osborn GD4HOZ. He spends a considerable amount of his own time dedicated to improving our radio coverage, and to this end we have a main transmitter on the Department of Home Affair’s mast on Snaefell, one on the top of Carnane on the outskirts of Douglas, and one at Bride just north of Ramsey. These are linked with some very clever software – Allstar, and of course internet. Using the software and internet means that the repeater is available via either Allstar or Echolink over the internet – opening the islands repeater coverage to the world… via a keyboard and PC microphone!

David maintains a separate site for updates on the repeaters: please take the time to pop by and view some of the photos. He also maintains most of the equipment at his own cost… there are limited funds available, and at an average of £500 per antenna for install on Snaefell contributions are always welcome for financial support.

Should you wish to offer your support to the continued improvement to the repeaters, please forward a cheque, money order, etc. to our club treasurer:

Jeanie Hill 2D0JEA

54 Wybourn Drive


Isle of Man

Please mark your envelope REPEATER SUPPORT. Altenatively, cash can (and will!) be accepted by any Committee Member 🙂


This to say a huge “THANK YOU” to all the supporters of the repeaters – whether it be for financial, technical or just muscle power… so here we go (in no particular order)

  • David Osborn GD4HOZ – The island’s Repeater Keeper
  • Myles Ellis and the staff of the IoM Department of Home Affairs
  • The Committee and Members of the IOMARS
  • Arthur Sinclair GD3TNS
  • Matty Cunningham MD0MAN
  • David Cain  2D0YLX
  • Andy Morgan GD1MIP
  • Ed Rixon GD6XHG
  • Andrew LeProvost MD3???
  • Stuart Hill GD0OUD
  • Jeanie Hill 2D0JEA
  • Alan Crowther GD0MWL
  • Stephen Kelly GD7DUZ
  • Mike Webb GD6ICR
  • Stephen Johnstone GI0HHV
  • you?

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  3. Please can I donate something for the use of your repeaters?

  4. Edward. Thankyou for the offer. Please forward it to Jeanie Hill at the above address. And thanks again .

  5. Thanks Andy, I’ll do that now

  6. My callsign’s wrong! It should be GD6XHG, not GD6ICR – oh the shame 🙂

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