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VHF Antenna Construction   1 comment

I found this  pdf on constructing vhf antennas while trawling on the interweb. Click on the link below for a look, you may find it to be useful.

Stuart, GD0OUD.




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WAB Squares.

I have had a request from Dave, G4SQA, who does WAB. He needs the following squares:

SC28 – Peel area, SC36 – the tiny one up from the airport, and NX30, just north of Jurby.

Is anyone, or the club interested in activating these squares? It would be a good activity for the club. I’ll put my name forward, who’s next?

Stuart, GD0OUD.

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Eary Cushlin

I have just read the article in Manx Tails about the refurbishment to Eary Cushlin.

At £1500 a week, I think we will not be visiting there as a club again!

Looks nice though……..

Stuart, GD0OUD.

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For salefor repeater funds.

I have for sale three antenna brackets, the procceds of which will be going to repeater funds.

The brackets are hand crafted by myself, and approximately 100mm x 100mm, and made from 6mm aluminium angle. I intend to put them on eBay for  £15, (Moonraker want £19 for a similar item) but if anyone on islanD would like one, I’m asking for £10, I already have one satified customer!

The brackets will take up to a 2″ mast, and are fitted with SO239 sockets, but as they are very robust, you could customise it to your own needs.

Dig deep, support thr repeater network and the keeper!

You can contact me by phone, (I’m in the book) email, (gd0oud “at”manx dot net) or maybe on the repeater.

Stuart, GD0OUD.20170207_164414


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For Sale

Yeasu FT991, 16months old, very little use.

Boxed, £650.

Phone 413036/801592

Godfrey, GD4EIP.

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I’m putting an order in, let me know if you want any………



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For Sale.

ICOM IC7100 boxed in new condition and has seldom been used. It has never been out of the house.
Software has been updated.
£650 or nearest offer.
Can demonstrate if required.
Phone Godfrey GD4EIP 413036

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