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Survey to find the extent of VDSL Broadband Interference. RSGB.   1 comment

Folks,  take a look at this link and see if you can help provide the information they need.

The survey will be available for completion until 30 September 2017.





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Interesting supplier of variable capacitors   Leave a comment

I found this trader whilst searching the WWW. Some useful objects including a key.


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RSGB UKAC Scoring Consultation 2018   Leave a comment

A message from the RSGB…….

This is your opportunity to cast your vote on which of the two scoring systems outlined in the Consultation on UKAC Scoring Schemes 2017 will be used in the UKAC contests from 6m though to 23cm for 2018.

Online voting on this consultation will open on 28 July and continue until 2359 BST on 20 August.

Those eligible to vote are current RSGB members who have taken part in an RSGB VHF/UHF/SHF contest in the past five years either as single operators, or as members of a multi-operator entry, as verified against the Contest Committee database. If you have changed your callsign since entering your last VHF Contest, please include both your old and new callsigns.

There will be a further consultation to follow later covering other aspects of VHF/UHF/SHF contesting.

We look forward to hearing your views.


Andy Cook, G4PIQ
Chair, RSGB VHF Contest Committee


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Youngsters On The Air.    Leave a comment

The IOMARS Committee voted to support the RSGB YOTA with a small financial donation. Our club is now listed as an official supporter.


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For sale.. Linear amp Discovery 2, GS31b 2m amplifier   Leave a comment

It is in excellent cosmetic and working condition, with it’s original box, manual and a spare new boxed valve. A claimed 1.2Kw the amplifier easily produces 400 watts with plenty to ‘spare’

I’m looking for £750 or perhaps a trade of some kind.


Reduced to £700….

Tel 07624  412711

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EGM meeting result from 14th March 2017.   Leave a comment

Following the resignation from comittee posts by Dave Cain 2D0YLX an EGM was held.


John Bean 2D0KTY was co-opted into the position of secretary.

Andy Morgan GD1MIP was elected as the society Treasurer.



Thanks to those who attended for your input.  Full details will follow shortly.



Andy Morgan GD1MIP

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IOMARS 68th Annual General Meeting.   Leave a comment

Don’t forget it’s tomorrow 13th December 2016………


Tuesday 13th December 2016 at the Sea cadet hall Tromode Road, Tromode. Please arrive early for a prompt start at 8pm.

Items listed for the agenda are….

1. Election of a committee.

If you want any matters to be included please contact the Secretary Andy Morgan by email

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