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RSGB Clubs Newsletter – December 2018   Leave a comment


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QSL Sub-manager details for GD-MD-2D. Important information.   Leave a comment

Martyn Parnell is not the QSL sub-manager for the Isle of Man, despite what the RSGB website says.

A new manager has been put in post. Full details will be circulated as soon as possible.



Edit 19th November 2018.


Please follow this link for the QSL contact details.. ..




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IOMARS please to announce new Foundation Course in December   Leave a comment

IOMARS are running a foundation course based at the Shack in Ballasalla on Wednesday nights. The theory course will be on the 8/9 the of December at the shack with the exam at 14:00 on Sunday the 9th December 2018. The cost will be £27.50 for members and £37.50 for non members. We can’t do the practical on air until you are registered and need to give at least 2 weeks notice to the RSGB for the exam. I would ask you to fill in the attached application form ASAP and get it to the IOMARS along with payment either via the shack on Wednesday or any committee member. We will not be able to take any applications after November the 24th. It will be in time for Christmas so you can tell your relatives you want that new rig for Christmas.Any queries please email

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Members Notice. AGM.   Leave a comment

The 2018 IOMARS AGM is scheduled for the evening of Tuesday 11th December 2018, 19:30 hours at the sea cadet building Tromode.

The agenda so far…..

1. Chairmans report.
2. Treasurers report.
3. Election of committee for the following year.
4. Other business.

If you want anything adding to the agenda or wish to volunteer yourself or nominate a member for a role within the IOMARS then please email or speak to a committee member.

Thanks see you all there.

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