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IOMARS weekly meetings cancelled until after TT   Leave a comment

Due to the difficulties of travel over the TT period we have decided not to hold club evening meetings at the shack in Ballasalla . Back again straight after  TT 2018.


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More Foundation Success   Leave a comment

Congratulations to our 2 candidates tonight David Thornley and Tyrone Smith look forward to hearing you both on the air soon. Big thanks you to Dan (GD0VIK) and John (GD0TFG) for invigilating and to all members who have helped along the way .

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SDRplay thefts to be aware of.   Leave a comment

SDRplay have recently been the victims of theft, the stolen items are now appearing for sale in places like eBay.  Please be careful.




Following from SDRplay. ……..    It has come to our attention that a consignment of RSPs that was recently stolen from our manufacturing partner have appeared for sale on eBay.

If you have any of the following devices and have purchased them from a non-approved reseller of SDRplay products, please contact and also contact the seller requesting a refund as the devices appear to have come from a stolen consignment of goods.

Product Type Serial number
RSP2pro 1703002F10
RSP1A 180403B795
RSP1A 180403B895
RSP1A 180403B995
RSP1A 180403BA95
RSP1A 180403BB95
RSP1A 180403BC95
RSP1A 180403C495
RSP1A 180403C595
RSP1A 180403C795
RSP1A 180403C895
RSP1A 180403C995
RSP1A 180403CA95
RSP1A 180403CB95
RSP1A 180403CC95
RSP1A 180403CD95
RSP1A 180403DC95
RSP1A 180403DE95
RSP1A 180403DF95
RSP1A 1804023895
RSP1A 1804023A95
RSP1A 1804024695
RSP1A 1804024795
RSP1A 1804024895
RSP1A 1804024995
RSP1A 1804024A95
RSP1A 1804024B95
RSP1A 1804024C95
RSP1A 1804024D95
RSP1A 1804024E95
RSP1A 1804024F95
RSP1A 1804025095
RSP1A 1804025195
RSP1A 1804025295
RSP1A 1804025495
RSP1A 1804025A95
RSP1A 1804025B95
RSP1A 1804025C95
RSP1A 1804025D95

Please be aware that we have now black-listed the above serial numbers and these devices will not work at all or will only work with a very restricted range of software. Anyone with any of these devices will not receive any form of support or technical assistance from SDRplay.

We are aware that the following eBay sellers have been selling devices from the stolen consignment: (formerly listed as mansnothot01)

Whilst we recognise that the above resellers may well have purchased the devices in good faith and in complete innocence, they have thus far failed to cooperate with us by explaining where they obtained the devices from. We will therefore be forwarding on their details to the Police so that they can investigate further.

We strongly recommend that people only purchase new devices from an authorised SDRplay distributor or reseller. A full list of authorised sellers is available from our website at:

Thank you

Admin – SDRplay Ltd

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