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Letter to all club members:-


The following text has been emailed to all club members with email addresses, and will be posted to those who have not given an email address, or don’t have one:-


Dear Members
Over the recent weeks the recently elected Secretary and Treasurer, Dave Cain, has resigned his
posts. Currently, Matty Cunningham is acting treasurer and John Bean is acting Secretary.
This leaves the IOMARS in a position where it has to fill these positions more permanently and
during a recent committee meeting it was decided that all the members be informed of this situation
and advise the members of the committee’s decision as to how the committee proposes to resolve
this matter.
The committee’s decision to resolve this matter is as follows.
All members are asked to volunteer and or nominate a committee member for either role as
Secretary or treasurer by the 1st March 2017.
If there are more candidates than positions then an extra ordinary meeting will be called to be held
on 14th March 2017 to elect a new Secretary and Treasure.
If, by the 1st March 2017 the committee hasn’t received any nominations then the committee will
appoint a new Secretary and Treasurer during its next meeting on the 6th March 2017.
Please direct any nominations to John K Bean, the acting secretary at the address above (101 Malew Street,Castletown, Isle of Man IM91LX) , or email
Matty Cunningham MD0MAN


Link to PDF version of the letter here


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For salefor repeater funds.

I have for sale three antenna brackets, the procceds of which will be going to repeater funds.

The brackets are hand crafted by myself, and approximately 100mm x 100mm, and made from 6mm aluminium angle. I intend to put them on eBay for  £15, (Moonraker want £19 for a similar item) but if anyone on islanD would like one, I’m asking for £10, I already have one satified customer!

The brackets will take up to a 2″ mast, and are fitted with SO239 sockets, but as they are very robust, you could customise it to your own needs.

Dig deep, support thr repeater network and the keeper!

You can contact me by phone, (I’m in the book) email, (gd0oud “at”manx dot net) or maybe on the repeater.

Stuart, GD0OUD.20170207_164414


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