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For Sale Flex-3000 SDR Transceiver   Leave a comment

Flex 3000 – Asking price £575

Contact Dave Cain 2D0YLX

t.211444        e.


Date of manufacture August 2010. 1 previous non-smoking owner. Downloadable upgrades for Firmware and Software from the manufacturers website. Some very minor scratches to top cover (does not affect operation or performance).



Rx Frequency Range: 10 KHz – 60 MHz: 160 – 6 m (specified performance, Amateur bands only)

Transmitter Frequency Range: 160 – 6 m (Amateur bands only)

Emission Modes: A1A (CW), A3E (AM), J3E (LSB, USB), F3E (FM), F1B (RTTY), F1D (PACKET), F2D (PACKET)

Frequency Steps: 1Hz minimum

Antenna Impedance: 50 ohms

Power Consumption: Rx 1.5A (typ.); Tx (100 W) 25A (max.)

Supply Voltage: DC: DC 13.8 V ± 10%

FLEX-3000 Dimensions: (WxHxD): 12.25” x 1.75” x 12.25” (31.1 cm x 4.4 cm x 31.1 cm)

FLEX-3000 Weight: (approx.): 9 lbs (4.08 kg)


Power Output: 1 – 100 watts PEP CW and SSB (2 – 25 watts AM carrier)

3rd-order IMD: 160-10m: -31 dB   6m: -30 dB

9th-order IMD: 160-10m: -48 dB  6m: -48 dB

Microphone Impedance: 600 Ohms (200 to 10k Ω) typical microphone Yaesu RJ45 Connector


Circuit Type: Direct conversion, low IF

Intermediate Frequency: Software selectable from DC to 20 KHz

Sensitivity (preamp off/on):

1.3 / 0.3 µV (-123/-133 dBm in 500 Hz)

MDS (preamp off/on):

-121 dBm (14.2 MHz, preamp off)

-135 dBm (14.2 MHz, preamp-2 on)

-137 dBm (50.125 MHz, preamp on)

IMD DR3 (dynamic range): 95 dB (@ 2 KHz spacing / 14.2 MHz))

IP3: Greater than +26 dBm (preamp off) IP2: +69 dBm (Preamp off) +45 dBm (Preamp-2 on)

Certifications: CE Declaration of Conformity received May 2009.


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Bring and buy sale   Leave a comment

Thin out your collection or buy more.  Buy or sell anything radios,  parts, bits and pieces (as long as it’s legal). 

At the Tromode meeting,  Tuesday 12th July 2016. 7:30 pm onwards.   

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