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Wanted signal Generator and valves

Valves required=  6AU6.  6AQ5.  6BA6.  6BZ6.  6EA8.  6EH5  6EJ7. 6EV7. 6GX6. 6HS6.  12AV6.  12AX7.  12BA6.  12BE6.  12BZ6.  13DE7  OB2. 

Signal Generator,  would need to be accurate and have a frequency range of 35  MHz. 

Contact D Dodd GD3RFK,  directly or via this page.


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Does anyone know of a supplier of decent quality PL259 plugs?

The ones I have had delivered today are going back. Not only are the solder holes far too big, over 50% of the diameter of the body, but the body of the plug is some cheap alloy, and cannot be soldered. They are fine for the C.B. bodge of screwing the outer braid back against the insulation, but not a proper connection.

Let me know who sells the real thing, and I’ll get my and in my pocket.

Stuart, GD0OUD.





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Wanted KW items

I have just finished rebuilding a  KW2000 HF transceiver. 

If you hear of anyone selling a KW ATU/SWR or other matching unit can you put them in touch with me please?

Thanks Andy GD1MIP

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The RSGB invite you to complete a survey

Dear Colleagues


Five years ago, the RSGB undertook a comprehensive online survey of amateur radio in the UK. The data was used in the development of a vision and strategy for the Society.


A new survey was launched in September 2015 and all UK radio amateurs are invited to complete the online questionnaire. The questions are largely the same as before, so we can see what has changed since 2010. The number of questions varies depending on your circumstances, and the survey should take between 10 and 30 minutes to complete.


The survey can be found at all amateurs are invited to complete it. I would be most grateful if you could publicise this within your organisation.


The survey will remain live until the end of the year and the results will be published in the Spring of 2016


Many thanks


Graham Coomber, G0NBI

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Wanted / sell / exchange

I am looking for transverters for 2m and 70cm. Either to buy or trade.

I  have two four year old FT897D’s, with CW and SSB filters and a similar age FT817ND with an SSB filter and TXCO.

Please contact me if your interested in a sale / trade.


Tel 412 711 or email gd1mip(@)

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For Sale

Godfrey, GD4EIP has the following items for sale:

Icom Ic7100 one year old £750
Autet RF-1 antenna analyser £35
Kenwood PS52 power supply £60
ICOM SP21 external speaker £30
Diamond GSV3000 25 amp power supply £45

He can be contacted on: 413036

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