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Cobwebb Winch.

The winching system for my Cobwebb antenna is now complete and operational.

I would like to thank the following hams for their assistance:

Barry, MD6KBW, who has worked like a Trojan for the last week.

Dave, MD6TSW, for inspiration, sourcing of parts, and fitting the frame in place.

Mike, GD6ICR, fixture supply and ideas.

Dave 2D0YLX, for loan of SDS drill.

Tony, GD7ARS for supplying steel.

Thank you all, your assistance was gratefully received.

Stuart, GD0OUD.


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June Club Meeting at Tromode – Tuesday 9th June

There will not be a club meeting this month as it falls within TT Race Week. Members please also note that the club shack in Foxdale will not be open due to road closures for TT racing.

Meetings restart on Tuesday 14th July at Tromode.


Dave 2D0YLX

IOMARS Committee

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