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The 2014 Annual General Meeting

Tuesday December 9th 2014.

19:30 hours at the Tromode sea cadet hall.

Please contact the secretary Andy Morgan via email or any other committee member if you have any matters for the agenda or if you fancy taking on a role within the committee.


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The deadline for responses to the OFCOM Licence Consultation is tomorrow, Monday 20 October @ 17:00 hours

See the previous post for details.

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Urgent. Ofcom proposed changes to your licence.

Ofcom is proposing to make changes to the amateur licence. Some changes are not in our favour so it is important as many people respond as possible.


Ofcom has consulted the RSGB in these matters and counted that as one vote. That is with the weight of all the various committees with different interests within the RSGB.


Below are the links you will need. The first is guidelines from the RSGB, the second is the link to the consultation document.


Please find time to fill in the on line form, it doesn’t take long and this one is important. NB To be submitted to Ofcom by 5pm on 20 October 2014.


Thank you

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Club Night 11 November 2014 – Visit to Manx Radio

MRICONI am pleased to announce that we have been given the opportunity to visit Broadcasting House on Douglas Head – home of Manx Radio.

The downside is that we can accomodate up to 20 members, and we must be at the station for 18.00hrs (6pm in old money)

Therefore, this will be first come, first served… if you would like to visit the station and are capable of getting there for the start time then please let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

We will be guided on the tour by MR staff, and I believe there may be a short introductory film to watch prior to the tour.

Contact details:


Phone    211444 (after 6pm please)

or via Facebook messenger, GB3IM / GB3GD


Dave Cain, 2D0YLX

Chairman, IOMARS

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144MHz (2m) Affiliated Society Contest

Blame Richard again!! This time a 2m contest which takes place on 7th December.


Full rules here…


If interested, contact Dave 2D0YLX or Richard GD8EXI


Dave Cain , 2D0YLX

Chairman, IOMARS

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50MHz (6m) Affiliated Society Contest – 19 October

Richard Baker GD8EXI has expressed a desire for the club to participate in the forthcoming RSGB 6m Affiliated Society contest.


Full informaion is available at


If you are interested in taking part and adding to the club score, please liaise with Dave 2D0YLX or Richard GD8EXI to ensure that we have a spread of station across the island. Ideally the more of us operating the better, and scores can be accumulated!!


Dave Cain 2D0YLX

Chairman, IOMARS

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Cancel Accquired / TS711 Trio / Kenwood 2m set wanted.

Anyone got one?

Or possibly a TS790?



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