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Droitwich signal 198Khz – maintenance

For anyone relying on the Droitwich signal on 198KHz it is off the air from 10:00-17:00 hours BST every day until summer for maintenance.


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GB3IM & GB3GD Snaefell site- possible loss of service Monday & Tuesday 14 & 15 th of April 2014.

Due to routine maintenance there may be a period of time on Monday & Tuesday the 14 & 15th of April 2014 where the Snaefell repeaters will not be operational.

Thanks Andy Morgan GD1MIP

P.P.  David Osborn GD4HOZ

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For sale / trade TS820 and TS120v

I have an excellent condition TS820 HF set (valve analogue display) and

A TS120v (10 watt) HF set in good but used condition.

Both are pre WARC bands.

I am looking to fund either a 70cm (200 watts +) or a 23cm (20 watts +) linear amplifier by selling / trading these HF sets.
If anyone is interested let me know and I can supply more details.

Thanks Andy 412711 or email 

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Tromode meeting Tuesday 10th June 2014 – equipment sale

This week we will operate a sale of equipment and components,  in fact anything that is surplus to your needs. 
All we ask is that the items are yours to dispose of and it’s legal to do so. Sellers are asked to make a small donation to society funds from their profits.

Please try and arrive by 7:30 pm if you have items to sell.

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Tromode meeting Tuesday 08th April 2014

This Tuesday at the sea cadet hall Tromode will be a film show  ‘Wartime Radio. The Secret Listeners’ followed by  light refreshments / chip bap / chip butty. Please get there  for 7:30pm.

So what is the film about?

Wartime Radio: The Secret Listeners

This 1979 BBC TV documentary, illustrated with archival film and interviews with those involved, traces the evolution of civilian involvement in radio-based intelligence during both world wars and highlights the key role played by Radio Amateurs.

It was the tireless work of amateur radio enthusiasts during World War I, that initially convinced the Admiralty to establish a radio intercept station at Hunstanton. Playing an integral role during the war, technological advances meant that radio operators could pinpoint signals, thus uncovering the movement of German boats, leading to the decisive Battle of Jutland in 1916.

Wireless espionage was to play an even more important role during World War II, with the Secret Intelligence Service setting up the Radio Security Service, which was staffed by Voluntary Interceptors, a band of amateur radio enthusiasts scattered across Britain. The information they collected was interpreted by some of the brightest minds in the country, who also had a large hand in deceiving German forces by feeding false intelligence.

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