Cancelled – Sar of India / Euterpe special event station – November 2013

It is with great regret that I have to advise that the special event station has been cancelled. The commissioners have changed their mind and now do not want to put the chosen antenna on the town hall. I apologise to any person this will involve, after six months of planning I share your disapointment but it is completely out of the control of the IOMARS.

We have applied to Ofcom for a change of venue on the NOV, if this is allowed we will operate as a field station. Please watch this space.

Andy Morgan GD1MIP, Secretary IOMARS. 05/11/2013.




The Star of India was built at the Ramsey ship yard in 1863, it was launched as the Euterpe, a full-rigged iron windjammer ship. After a full career sailing from Great Britain to India and New Zealand, she became a salmon hauler on the Alaska to California route. The vessel was retired in 1926 and was restored1962–63, it is now a seaworthy museum ship at the Maritime museum of San Diego, USA. The vessel is the oldest ship still sailing regularly and also the oldest iron-hulled merchant ship still floating.

The society have been asked by the Ramsey town commissioners to assist in communication with the San Diego museum over the weekend of 09th-11th November 2013, whilst both Ramsey and San Diego hold civic events to celebrate the 150th anniversary of it’s launch.  Various methods will be used including, Skype, UHF & echolink and HF.

The station is being operated with  the assistance and cooperation of our friends at the Star Of India Amateur Radio Club, San Diego USA (callsign NS6OI)

Operating from Ramsey town hall with the kind permission of the town Commissioners (Council). The station will be on air between 08/11/2013 and 15/11/2013, particular activity times will be 09th, 10th & 11th 16:00-23:00 hrs UTC. If you can offer your services  during this time in any capacity please contact Andy Morgan (tel 412 711) as soon as practicable.

GB1SOI QSL 19 10 2013


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