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Club Night – Tuesday 13 August 2013


Club Night is on the move in August – a visit to the Isle of Man’s newest Power Station – Pulrose, CCGT turbine hall, Control Rooms, and D Station.

If you are interested in coming along on a guided tour of the facility please let me know so I can add you to the list. The tour will start at 7.00pm sharp at the entrance to the station in Pulrose Road (opposite the junction with Middle River Industrial Estate).

Our guide will be Graham Stiggant, and the tour will last approximately one hour.

There are a few rules to be heeded…


1. All visitors must wear sensible footwear, preferably flat soled shoes. Narrow heeled ladies footwear is unsuitable.

2. Any visitor with a particular health or similar problem (e.g. vertigo or difficulty climbing stairs) should bring this to the attention of the guides prior to the tour.

3. All visitors must wear a safety helmet, and ear defenders when required to do so by the guides.

4. No smoking or source of ignition will be allowed whilst on tour.

5. The use of mobile phones is prohibited.

6. Visitors must not touch any plant, equipment or models.

7. All visitors must keep together in their allotted party and follow the instructions of their guide.

8. Visitors must not climb on or lean out of railings.

9. In the unlikely event of a fire or emergency, visitors must stay close to their guide who will escort them out of the building by the nearest safe route.

10. The right is reserved to cancel a visit for operational reasons.

My contact details are telephone 211444, or e-mail

If you need a lift to get to the facility please let a Committee Member know and we will sort something out for you.

73 -.-

Dave Cain, 2D0YLX
Chairman IOMARS


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GB3GD – Update

Have a look at the Manx repeaters web site.

In a nutshell we have the new antenna fitted albeit in a temporary location.

Thanks to the repeater keeper Dave GD4HOZ  and the climbers / staff who have helped.

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Home brew on the cheap. 2 radios to one mic / headset

I have been pondering switching one mic between two radios and I want to get rid of one mic in the shack..
I have two radios fitted with RJ45 8 pin mic plugs. But I am tight, a W2IHY unit doing this task costs £160 + etc there has to be a better (read cheaper way).

Searching the www for inspiration I found this … 1497.l2649 it is sold as a network switch I thought / hoped it could be used as a basis for a mic / dual radio switch. All I’d have to add is speaker / head phone connection / switch. The unit cost £2 each. In theory………………… Either it’ll work or….. the smokes out so I ordered two. They are simple enough units marked A / B and IN, the push switches work opposite each other i.e. push one the other pops up.

What it looks like…. standard box…
original box b4

I decided to use one box to switch the mic between my two transceivers that are fitted with RJ45 mic plugs. For this task the network switch worked unmodified – simple.

Next was RX audio, I use a headset at times so also needed to switch the audio for that. I decided to remove the RJ45 sockets out of the second network switch box and graft in some 3.5 jack sockets, to do this I removed the track from each end of the PCB (1.5cm).
To allow for a second set of phones or a monitor speaker I put two jack sockets per switching side. I just need to make an end panel insert from modellers PVC card to go round the sockets to fill in the square RJ45 holes. I stuck the two boxes together (side by side) and I now have a 2 radio / 1 mic / headset switching arrangement for less than £8. OK its not quite W2IHY but it works and looks OK. Job done.

Inside standard box…
original box  inside B4

end result 1


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Need a coaxial relay or project box? try…………….

UK based, either phone them or use the web to order.


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DX’pedition to Faroe Islands

Cambridge University Wireless Society DXpedition to the Faroe Islands this week;
G3ZAY, M0GXM, M0ZXA, M1BXF and MD0IGD (our own Greg Hogg) will be QRV from the Faroe Islands as OY/home call from today, Monday June 17th to Sunday June 23rd

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Foxdale Club Shack… every Wednesday evening 7-10pm


Simon visiting our club shack

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SDR Version 2


A great talk from Simon Brown GD4ELI last night. Loads of features and bels and whistles added since Simons last visit.

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