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GD100RSGB – The Plan!


I shall be collecting the keys for the Grandstand this Friday. This means that we have Saturday and Sunday in order to set up for operation on Monday from the Grandstand Conference Centre.

I propose that if some of us meet at the Grandstand for 10.00am on Saturday, we can spend time in two groups setting up the antennas and feeders and also setting up the room ready for activity on Monday. The antenna riggers on the tower needs a maximum of three people – one observing while the other two fasten the end of the antenna to the rails of the tower. At the bottom of the tower, I propose thta we use the club extendable pole on one antenna, and my telescopic pole of mast on one of the other antennas.

In the Conference Centre we need at least three operating positions – one for VHF/UHF and the other for the two HF stations. The club banners need to be prominent, as do the RSGB logos that we had produced for the last station at the Sea Terminal. I have already produced a large callsign for the front of the tables.

Once we have had a dry run of our setup we can pull the antennas back up the tower ready for Monday. The tables and station positions can remain setup ready to go on the day. Feeders will come through one or two of the windows and we can use tape to seal the weather out (hopefully!) When everything has been checked we can take the PR photos for the RSGB and not have to worry about them on Monday.

Depending on our success with setting up, we can either leave the antennas on the tower and just remove everything for next weekend, or we can revise things to make it easier – or maybe improve things! 😉

We have a kitchen so tea and coffee will be available, and toilets are in the tower or at the foot of the tower there is a disabled toilet. If we all bring a few things such as tea, coffee and biscuits that should be us sorted for the day… I may be tempted to do a chippy run on Monday depending on how hungry everybody is!!

I think that covers the basics, so if you can help in any way at all please pop in – you will be made most welcome.

Dave Cain, 2D0YLX
Chairman IOMARS


10AM SATURDAY 2ND MARCH – Setup at TT Grandstand
8AM – 10PM MONDAY 4TH MARCH – GD100RSGB goes live

10AM SATURDAY 9TH MARCH – Setup at TT Grandstand
8AM – 10PM MONDAY 11TH MARCH – GD100RSGB Final Centenary Station


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GD100RSGB Centenary Station – Additional Dates 4 & 11 March 2013

I am delighted to announce that IOMARS have been asked to once again operate the GD100RSGB callsign on two dates – Monday 4th March and Monday 11th March. We will be QRV all bands 80m-70cm from the TT Grandstand in Douglas. We are hoping to operate for a full day, 8am to at least 10pm in order to work as many UK and Overseas stations as possible.

Due to the huge pileups that we experienced in January we are expecting lots of calls, and as such would appreciate as much help as possible. We will be once again running at least three stations on each day working voice, CW and data modes.

If you can help operate please contact Dave Cain on 211444 (after 6pm please) or email

We want to use computer logging for all contacts, and if this puts you off please do not be alarmed – it is far easier than you think and the computer does everything apart from write the callsign 🙂

Dave Cain
Chairman IOMARS

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Tromode meeting – Tuesday 12th February 2013. SK auction / list of items

As part of the monthly meeting I have been asked to sell the radio related equipment of Guy Warburton GD0LQE.

I have now prepared a list of items which may be downloaded via the below link.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Andy Morgan GD1MIP     email  GD1MIP(at)




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Wanted HF trapped element.

For a project I am after either a yagi trapped driven element or Hustler type vertical. Please.

Andy  GD1MIP

Tel 412 711

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