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Legalised CB Radios…

Ofcom to legalise AM and SSB CB apparatus
Ofcom has announced that it intends to legalise AM and SSB CB apparatus, subject to the MOD agreeing to the use of spectrum allocated to it. According to the statement on the Ofcom website, the relevant ECC Decision about harmonising CB across Europe should probably be implemented in the UK by the end of 2013. The statement indicates that there are several legislative and other steps that must first be carried out. It also points out that, until these changes are implemented, it will remain an offence to install or use AM, SSB or any other CB apparatus other than in accordance with the current exemption regulations and Interface Requirement. The full Ofcom statement is at


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Club Night – 13 November RSGB Special Event Station

The next meeting at Tromode will be dedicated solely to the planning and part organisation of the planned special event station for the 100th Birthday of the RSGB.

Mike Dunning has been in negotiation with Ofcom and the RSGB, and we are pleased to announce that our station call sign will be a VERY special one – GD100RSGB.

Mike has been in contact with many people so far, but it is now up to us to provide him with the help and assistance needed to put on what should be the most impressive station that IOMARS has been involved in since the GB75IOM station 25 years ago. Mike is asking for members old and new to attend, and will need at least half the club members to assist on the planned weekend of the station.

At present mid January is the planned weekend, as this ties in nicely with the RSGB and DoI Sea Terminal.

Anyone interested in helping (in any way whatsoever) with this very special station is asked to come along to Tromode 7.30pm onwards on Tuesday 13 November. You will as usual receive the obligatory cup of tea and a biscuit for your efforts, and maybe (just maybe) you will be given a job to do by Mike!



Dave Cain

Chairman IOMARS

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Foundation course results for 13/10/2012

A course was concluded and an exam held today for three candidates.
We had two passes, and sadly one candidate who just missed out.
We hope the ‘third man’ will give it another shot ASAP.
In the meantime congratulations Mark and Neil, watch out for two new MD6 calls soon.
The society wishes to thank the Civil defence for their hospitality and the following members for giving their time to help.
GD3TNS Arthur, GD7DUZ Steve, 2D0JEA Jeanie, GD0OUD Stuart, GD6ICR Mike, 2D0YLX Dave and GD1MIP Me. And of course Peter MD6IOM, AKA the tea lad.

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New club equipment

At the Tromode meeting this evening (09/10/2012) the society unveiled its latest equipment.

Two new Yaesu FT897D HF / VHF / UHF transceivers purchased from LAM communications. We hope to put them to good use.

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Five new satellites ‘launched’ from the back of the International Space station – can be picked up with 1/4 wave whip and basic receiver – FunCube Dongle will be ideal!!!

Five new satellites ‘launched’ from the back of the International Space station – can be picked up with 1/4 wave whip and basic receiver – FunCube Dongle will be ideal!!!

Some images here:-

On October 4, 2012 five CubeSats were successfully deployed from the International Space Station (ISS). The first pod containing RAIKO and WE-WISH was deployed at 1437 UT while the second pod containing FITSAT-1, F-1 and TechEdSat deployed at 1544 UT.

Howard Long, G6LVB (designer of the satellite tracking interface I use), as well as the FunCube Dongle Pro and Pro + has a video here, picking up one of these satellites with the new version of the dongle, and a simple 1/4 wave antenna on a baking tray sat on his balcony 🙂

FITSAT-1 has an array of ultra bright LED’s, and under good viewing conditions will be visible to the naked eye – so can send CW as it moves in an arc across the sky!!

There will soon be kepler elements listed, so we can work out pass times for these satellites, until then – if we use the position info for ISS, we shouldn’t be too far out.



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HEY PRESTO……………… Club meeting Tuesday 09th October 2012 @ Tromode

Having travelled to the Newark Hamfest we have a tale to tell and some goodies to show.

Tea coffee and biscuits as usual thanks to Arthur GD3TNS.  All welcome.


19:30 hours start at the Sea cadet hall Tromode.


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