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Mobile shack has first outing

Stuart Hill and Andy Morgan are pleased to announce that the mobile shack survived a 6 mile test run around the north of the island.

We even included it’s fist radio contact with MT0GLK. Castle Rushen High School radio club and Matty MD0MAN.

We now look forward to the final electrical installation and it can then be used for /P operating (oh and a tin of paint).


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IOMARS WWW presence.

I have been secretary since 2009 and I have had to put up with much moaning from some amateurs on the island on how the club is not as good as it could be.

Based on some negative comments yet again recieved about our lack of an internet presence and treatment of some amateurs web sites I have taken the decision to write the below…..

The current IOMARS committee have in my opinion had a hell of a time with a minority of people (both current and ex members) bad mouthing everything they do. Usually (in my experience) the worst detractors are older (in age) and often once held a committee position.
If we turn the clock back to the AGM of 2009 none of the detractors who are members wanted to help run and steer the society, since that date the committee has been re elected because no one else has offered their time.
As the new committee in 2009/10 we discovered the www was littered with web sites about the society, some proclaiming to be official Isle of Man amateur radio society sites and others just giving contact details for the club. All were incorrect in detail, giving obsolete email addresses and in one case listing a deceased committee member. This came to a head when amateurs from another country got the wrong contact details for the society from an incorrect web page, in a nutshell they thought we were ignoring them. We were not, they had simply sent mail to an obsolete address once owned by a long resigned committee member.
As the IOMARS secretary I was tasked with getting these web sites updated. Some had no current ‘owner’ and in these cases I had to apply to the web company to have the site concerned deleted. Other cases had old incorrect details on them but their ‘owners’ identity was known, they were contacted and asked to keep their web page up-to-date or remove reference to the IOMARS altogether to stop confusion.
After that we had a problem with the original run by another ex committee member. Simply put the ‘owner’ insisted on editorial rights on that blog and had edited official IOMARS information changing it’s meaning as he did not agree with it. The IOMARS committee could not accept that and the new blog  was started.
Hope that clarifies the matter, moan over.  If you want to discuss this I am in the phone book.
PS  the AGM is on December 11th 2012.  You can always offer yourself for election.
regards Andy

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Rigs for sale


Kenwood TM241e £65

Yaesu FT2800 £65

Yaesu FT780R £125

 Contact Dave Cain 211444 or email dave(at)

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New club ID badges given airing at Eary Cushlin. :-)

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2D0YLX David Cain

The following radios are offered for sale in fully working condition. Price does not include P&P or a warranty, rigs can be tested before buying. Radios not sold by Wednesday evening next week will be going to the National Rally for sale on the car boot…

1 YAESU FT-280: 2m mobile, only ever used as base radio. Fully working £65

2 KENWOOD TM-241E: 2m mobile, used condition, fully working £65

3 YAESU FT-780R: 70cm Multimode. Used condition, fully working £125

4 GENEXXA Stereo Speakers: 100watts, Size approx 800h x 200w x 250d Great condition

All equipment is from a smoke free home.

Contact Dave Cain 2D0YLX Tel. 211444 or email dave(at)

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Eary Cushlin 2012

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Technical adjustments


John GD0TFG had us laughing at Early Cushion when he made a technical adjustment to the feeder on one of his home brew antennae…

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